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Gently (or Never) Used Wedding Products

Pre-owned wedding products with free shipping.

Buying used wherever you can is a good way to stay within a "DIY budget." eBay is a great place to find used bargains, but you have to sift through all of the new items (which, in some cases, cost as much as regular retail plus figure in shipping charges.

Here, I've done that work for you. Every item in this section has free shipping, plus is used or new with a twist (like open or partial box of unused product).

You can tell at a glance what used, free shipping item auctions are ending soon. Enjoy! ~

Used Men's Ties and Cummerbunds

Diamond and Gemstone Ring Sets

Most are engagement ring with matching wedding band, but you may also find sets with the groom's ring and vintage pieces.

Used Fancy Garters

Pre-Owned Garters

You can often find fancier garters for what's normally retail price for simple styles.

Used Wedding Party Jewelry

Bridal Veils

This is a great way to get a designer veil at less than retail. You can also pick up simple veils at very low prices. (Note, another low-cose option is to buy new, discount veils, which are generally more elaborate than what you find at the same price on eBay.

Used wedding bands

Wedding Bands

All types of wedding rings.

Used Wedding Party Jewelry

Wedding Party Jewelry

Necklaces, tiaras, and others.

Used Bride's Jewelry

Previously Owned Bridal Jewelry

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry for the bride.

Used wedding gowns

Pre-Owned Wedding Gowns

All of these dresses have free shipping.

Used Men's Ties and Cummerbunds

Ties, Cummerbunds, and Cravats

There's usually a good selection here, especially if you are looking for bow tie and cummerbund sets. All are pre-owned with free shipping

Used wedding glassware


Toasting glasses and other wedding-specific glasses.


Note: Prices are those currently reported to us by each merchant. Unless otherwise noted, receives a commission from any resulting sales.

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